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Stepping servo motor equipment _ shenzhen mini stepper motor

by:Zhenyu     2020-09-26
Description of 20 mm two-phase hybrid stepping planetary gear motor:

1. Large output torque, small heat and high speed, high efficiency, shenzhen Zhenyu technology co. , LTD adopts high temperature resistant and high quality cold-rolled steel sheet manufacturing permanent magnet, large output torque, fever gao speed, high efficiency,

2. Zero speed oscillation, high speed stop the steady and rapid, stable operation, the vibration noise using our professional technology developed by stepping drive, high speed stop the steady and rapid, no zero speed oscillation running smooth, vibration noise is small, some of the characteristics of the ac servo, its control effect can be comparable to imported products

3. Fast response speed, is suitable for the occasion frequently stopped due to its internal good damping resistance, stable operation, with no obvious oscillation, fast response speed, suitable for frequent start-stop, can meet the use of different working conditions, industrial automation

4. Quality assurance motor warranty 18 months

20 mm two-phase hybrid stepping motor general technical conditions:

1. Interval: precision & plusmn; 5%

2. Resistance: precision & plusmn; 10%

3. Inductance: precision & plusmn; 20%

4. Temperature: 80 ℃ Max

5. Ambient temperature: - 20℃~+50℃

6. Insulation resistance: 100 m & Omega; Min500VDC

7。 Pressure: 500 vac1minute

8. Radial runout: 0. 02mmMax. ( 450许多)

9. The axial runout: 0. 08mmMax. ( 450许多)

20 mm two-phase hybrid stepping planetary gear motor parameters:

20 hs40 - motor model 06 a4 - 20

step (1) from the Angle of: 1. 8

(2) the fuselage length: 40 mm

(3) rated voltage: 3. 48 v

(4) rated current: 0. 6 a/phase

5 phase resistance: 5. 8Ω / phase

6 phase inductance: 1. 6 mh/phase

7) maintain torque: 40 mn. M

end rotational inertia: 4. 5克。 Cm2

pet-name ruby pin count: 4

attending motor weight: 80 g

2. 20HS28- 02 a4 - 20

step (1) from the Angle of: 1. 8

(2) the fuselage length: 28 mm

(3) rated voltage: 4. 1 v

(4) rated current: 0. 2 a/phase

5 phase resistance: 20. 5Ω / phase

6 phase inductance: 8. 2 mh/phase

7) maintain torque: 16 mn. M

end rotational inertia: 2. 5克。 Cm2

pet-name ruby pin count: 4

attending motor weight: 50 g

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